Natural Soap Benefits

I want to give you a run down of our hot process soaps and the reason why we use them.

Cold vs hot
In cold process soaps the colours and scents can also change dramatically, what you start with is not necessarily what you end up with because the chemical reaction happens after the colour and scent have been added. With hot process the chemical reaction is completed before adding anything, so the colour and scent stay true.

And lastly when adding the superfat oils in cold process you are left with the unsaponifiable components, essentially this is not always the best bits of the oils. With hot process the superfat oils are added at the end and they stay whole, so you get all the benefits of the oils.

Secondly cold process soaps can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to cure! Hot process only take about a week to cure. This means we can have a faster turn around time.

Find out why everyone loves our natural soaps.