About Us

Welcome to KBS. Cosmetics (previously MiNatural Nest),

I started KBS. Cosmetics (2016) because I was tired of wasting my money on products that didn’t work. Do you feel the same?

Having extremely sensitive skin it’s hard to find natural products that are affordable and I really wanted to be able to offer these types of products to everyone! And here we are.

Have a look around and you will notice that we have a luxurious range of carefully handcrafted natural skin care and body products inspired by nature.

All of our natural skin care and body products are created with top quality ingredients and you won’t find any hidden nasties in our products. 

We aim to create products that are gentle, non-toxic and suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive of skin. 95% of our ingredients are Aussie grown but due to a lot of factors there are a couple of ingredients that are just not grown here :(. We do however source ALL of our ingredients and packaging from local Aussie businesses. This gives us a sense of pride to be able to support our locals.

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you love our products just as much as we love creating them.

Bonnie x

oh and all of our products are made in house in Perth WA :)